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“Nothing succeeds like success”, Alexandre Dumas.

Since our inception, The Black Tulip Organization and its team have closed over $1 billion in real estate transactions and investments.


We have combined 70 years of experience as real estate brokers, attorneys, investment bankers, and investment managers. 

Company Overview

The Black Tulip Organization Inc. is a real estate investment group which brings talent, insight, and a truly international perspective to the real estate development and investment business through its team of advisors and offices located in Manhattan and Miami.


We have developed a unique cross-border approach with the most prestigious real estate developers in New York City, Miami, Chicago, Aspen, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Hawaii, and institutional, family offices, and high-net-worth investors in Europe, solidifying long-term alliances and valuable experience in negotiating, raising equity, developing and managing assets. This expertise has been covered in The New York Times, The New York Observer, and Le Figaro, among other U.S. and European publications.


Leveraging a vast network in the United States and abroad, The Black Tulip Organization has an unrivaled ability to match clients and investors with the right opportunities and the best resources for their needs, from sourcing to financing to property and investment management. Every team member and senior advisor works from the same core principal – that the client relationship is the most important aspect of any deal.

Why "Black Tulip"?

Black Tulip refers to the French historical novel “The Black Tulip” written by Alexandre Dumas in 1850.


In the Dutch Golden Age (1630’s), when “tulip mania” occurred, it was considered as the first recorded speculative bubble. At the peak of this period and before the collapse, you could exchange a property against tulip bulbs (an ancient version of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis…).


The tulip was also the symbol of abundance and prosperity in Persia.

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